Kicking Into Gear

Hi friends,

After a long hiatus, I am excited to be writing again.  It’s surprising that it’s been two years since my last post – time really does fly!

I bring this post to you in light of one of the ebbs of the flow of life – one in which I have been feeling stuck, stagnant, and as if forward moving progress has been limited.  While reflecting on some of the sources of impact (both within and without) I came up with the following daily reminders to begin moving forward:

  1. Don’t compare.  What we see, or what most people show us, is just the tip of the iceberg of their lives.
  2. Be present.  Listen to listen, not to respond.  Try to take each moment the way it is; don’t let your thoughts, beliefs, impressions, or expectations get in the way of the experience.  Be aware when those distractors occur and wish them off promptly!
  3. Be positive.  Be mindful of the negative thoughts and words that you may say about yourself to yourself, to others, or about the circumstances of your life.  It is okay to experience the aforementioned, it is not okay to perseverate.  Engage in positive, fulfilling, self-caring and self-loving activities.

How do you get your mind back in gear after getting stuck?  What are some ways you practice non-comparison, being present, and being positive?


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